Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sweet Creature.

But can we talk about Harry Styles, the self-titled debut album from Harry Styles?

And how good it is?

Every song hits me right in the stomach with that I'm-in-love feeling. Like it's the first warm day of spring and I'm riding around in the passenger's seat of a car with a boy I like.

Where would I be right now if I hadn't had those friends who liked One Direction and made me realize (several years in) that liking One Direction was the right way to live?

Where would I be if I had never followed my heart and moved to that perfect little house where I met those friends?

Where would we be if Harry Styles had never tried out for The X Factor?

Would he have gotten to Meet Me in the Hallway if he had never started with What Makes You Beautiful?

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Update on the Mona Lisa.

On the sidebar of It's Such a Good Feeling, I have the list of the Top 10 most viewed posts. I like to watch it change and see what's most popular.

The thing about it is that it's a positive feedback loop. Whatever is listed at the top, people click on. And then it gets even more views, solidifying its #1 seat.

Somehow, for a while, my most viewed post has been this random one I wrote about the Mona Lisa. Specifically, about a Brad Paisley song about the Mona Lisa. And how he loves his girl so much, he just feels like the frame that gets to hold the Mona Lisa, because all eyes are on her.

Eye roll.

I wrote about how I like to look at the frames at art museums. And that I thought the frame was prettier than Lisa. Because I'm contrary and think I'm too cool to like the Mona Lisa. 

Anyway, I just went to France. Which was an amazing dream come true. And we went to the Louvre. And so I took this lil video, to bring this crazy ride full circle.

I quoted the lyrics way wrong. But, I have to admit, the Mona Lisa was cooler than I thought. I didn't really stop to look at the frame, if that means anything.