Saturday, February 13, 2016

Air Pollution.

Today is the fourth day of the valley being coated in fog. Not some romantic fog covering a mountain road in the dead of night. A terrifying fog you wake up to, and go to sleep to, and wake up to again.

It feels like an apocalypse. An insidious one, where you gape at everyone walking around like nothing is wrong, and only you can see the looming terror. Can they see it? Is it just me? Why are there still people going running outside? Why aren't we packing up our station wagons with soylent green and heading for the hills?

Yesterday, as I was driving home from work, the fog was thin enough that I could see the sun blazing through. It was strange to be able to stare at its perfect, brilliant circle without it burning my eyes, and equally strange to remember that there's a real sun behind there--same one there's always been. It looked more like the horizon of some strange Star Wars moon, where life has been bleak for so long that no one seems to notice the bleakness anymore.

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