Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What if Zell Kravinsky isn't crazy?

Today, I became acquainted
with Zell Kravinsky,
and I want you
to meet him too.

He's a teacher
and a professor,
a regular guy.

He started with $1000,
and made millions
in real estate.

Then he gave
his millions

All of them,
until his family was left
living again a normal life
in their modest home.

His moral principle is
the greatest good
for the greatest number of people.

He had a lifelong dream
to give away a kidney.

He learned that
he would have a 1 in 4,000
chance of dying
if he did.

"To withhold a kidney,"
he said,
"from some who would otherwise die
means valuing one's own life
at 4,000 times
that of a stranger."

He said that was "obscene."

So he gave his kidney
to a stranger.

"What if one of our kids
someday needs your kidney?"
his wife asked.

But he couldn't see
how it was right
to value his children's lives
more than anyone else's.

When asked if he would let
his own child die
to save 1,000 other children,
he said yes.

He said
he would let his own child die
to save two children.

But isn't that obscene,
to use his own word?

Doesn't it go against
every proclivity of the human heart?
If you google Zell Kravinsky,
you will find an article called
"What if Zell Kravinsky isn't crazy?"

What if he's not?

Hasn't he,
in losing his life,

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