Saturday, February 7, 2015

There's a man whose life is nicer in a small way.

a stranger sent me a message
thanking me
for my blog.

In 2013,
he found a post
I wrote in 2011
about The Avett Brothers.

Now he listens to them.

And yesterday,
he had a beautiful day.

In his own words,
"The kind where
laundry fits perfectly
into the cycle of life
and you not only don't mind
the hour of ironing and folding clothes,
you fall in love with it."

He listened to The Avett Brothers
while doing his laundry
and he thought,
"How did I first hear about them?"

And then he thought about me.
A stranger
whose blog he once found.

So he messaged me
to say thank you.

I remember writing that post in 2011.
It's nothing I'm proud of.

But there's a man
living in a different state
whose life is nicer
in a small way,
because I sat down one day
at my desk
in my bedroom with the green carpet
and wrote something.

I like to write about
beauty and
love and
what it means to be human.

And this story
is beauty and
is love and
is what it means to be human.

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