Monday, February 23, 2015

The Most Horrible Time of the Year?

I just wrote an entire post about how elections week at UVU is the worst week of the year. I said I hate it even more than boys' basketball tournament week each summer, when the halls are overrun with junior high boys on razor scooters.

I complained about how many posters litter the school, about how it seems like the richest team can just buy the presidency with flashy marketing, about how no one even knows what they do.

I called it a dirty sham.

I had written it all, read through it several times, made sure that it had line breaks where I wanted them and no typographical errors.

But then.

I went digging through news articles on the UVU Review website. I read about their platforms. You know what? I think they actually do do things! They actually do care about what they're doing. They actually do love UVU, just the way I do.

So this is what I'm saying instead: I hate your posters, and I'd still like to know whether you're governed by any campaign finance rules, but it's okay.

The marketing that got Team Rise elected last year.

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