Monday, February 16, 2015

(St.) George, Washington (County)

For Presidents' Day,
we took a quick trip
down to St. George,
Washington County, Utah.

I thought it was appropriate.

Really anything that lets you
wear sandals in February
is appropriate.

On a road trip,
you can drive four hours,
get out of the car,
and suddenly it's warm.

You can drive four hours
and suddenly see the stars.

You can creep up
to 95 miles an hour on the highway
like it's nothing.

You can tell the story
of every boy you've ever loved
and learn all the presidents
in order
and listen to every cd you have,
and still not be there yet.

You can go in 150-year-old buildings
that pioneers built.

You can order something
called piccadilly chips
from a 40-year-old drive-in
and burn your mouth on them.

You can hike past giant rocks
that look like turtle heads
in sandals
because you forgot your shoes.

You can drive around
listening to Louis Armstrong,
feeling like
it's the red rocks themselves
blowing on that horn.

You can make new friends
and be reminded of
all the charming things
you love 
about the friends
you already have.

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