Monday, February 9, 2015


In the course of telling a story,
you mention someone's name.

You keep talking
a mile a minute,
but then
something breaks across
your listener's face.

Wait a minute.
I know him!"

The moment you hear that,
your heart leaps.

She knows So-and-so?
It's so deliciously unexpected.
For a moment
you imagine all
the perpetual absurdity of life
lining up in a

You take the paper dolls
that you have in your mind
of So-and-so
and your listener friend,
and force them into a room together
and make them interact.

But your mind's racing ahead of you,
of course.
Your fingers and hers
grab for your pockets,
for your phones,
for Facebook
to prove it.

You type in So-and-so,
pull him up,
turn your phone around.

The big reveal.
It is the same So-and-so.

Now you have no choice
but to retell your story
over again,
as your listener
gladly interjects
biographical facts about So-and-so
and estimations of his character.

Maybe you end up
talking about it
for longer than the story deserves.

But there will be
a half smile on your face
for a while,
now that you live inside
this happy discovery.


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