Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fat Tuesday.

This morning at work,
I realized
that it was Fat Tuesday.

Mardi Gras if you will.

since the only thing
I had to bring for lunch today
was a package of fudge
my mom sent me
for Valentine's Day.

I would have
eaten it for lunch anyway,
no qualms,
but it's good to have a reason.

After rounding out the day
with In-N-Out Burger for dinner
it was time to get down to business:

I've decided
to participate in Lent
this year.

All growing up
my friends did
and my teachers did,
but I never did.

It's not part
of my religious tradition.

But the older I get,
the more beauty I see
in Lent.

I'm giving up social media.
I think I might die,
but isn't that the point?
To really do something difficult?

So of course
I spent the last few hours of freedom
binging on facebook,
sending friend requests
that I'll have to wait 40 days
to learn the outcome of.

And now,
I think I understand
the concept of Fat Tuesday
for the first time.


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