Sunday, February 1, 2015

An Exercise in Becoming Soft.

When you give
your whole heart
to something,
as we are supposed to,
there is
a great danger.

Because if it's not true
or not real,
or it ends up not being good,
you are out one heart.
The only heart you have.

So sometimes,
without even trying,
you open your hand
and let go of that thing.
And your heart goes cold
and calcifies.

But life is actually,
at its core,
an exercise in becoming soft,
no matter how many times
your guts and your soul
are mashed against a rock.

I picture it as
a rough granite slab
next to a turbulent sea
spraying brackish water.

There are moments
when you're almost consumed
by how empty you feel,
and then,
you feel your heart stir.

It's not stirring to say,
Everything is all right.
Don't worry. Have peace.

It's just saying,
I'm still here.
I haven't yet turned to stone.

And the brave thing
is to listen to that stirring
and to try
to love that thing
even though
it could break
at any moment.

Some days,
that's all the faith you have,
and that's all the faith you need.

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  1. Whoa. This really (in fear of sounding cliche) speaks to me. Thanks!