Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Will You Marry Me?

It all started
when I decided
that engagement rings
are sexist.

Why does a woman
wear an outward symbol
of her commitment,
but the man
doesn't have to?

You're both committed.

I think you both should
or neither should.
Then I thought about
the proposal.

It doesn't make sense
that one person should ask
and another should answer.

Shouldn't both ask?

"Will you marry me?"

Will you marry me?"


If you're both in love,
you should both
want to find out
the answer
to that question.

The man
doesn't make
all the decisions
about when
and how
and how much.
You both do.
You're in love
with each other.
Both of you
at the same time.

Am I crazy?

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