Friday, January 2, 2015

Three Girls and Scott Frodsham.

This is Scott.

(and his baby brother.)

And this is why
you want to be his friend:

He's the perfect companion
for any adventure,
whether it's touring fancy homes
or just going to the grocery store.

Not only does he
single handedly
plan trips to hike Mt. Timpanogos
so all his friends
can see the sun rise
from the top,
but when you're on the hike
and you're wimpier
than all the other girls,
he stays in the back with you
and doesn't make you feel dumb.

He lets us use him
for his television
and he doesn't even mind.
He always buys snacks
for everyone.

When you're his friend,
you realize
that whatever is happening
is wonderful
because it's happening to you
and you're living life
and doing something new.

Everyone needs a friend
to have hour-long conversations with
about goal setting
and why God has to be real.

Everyone needs a friend
who starts sentences,
"Here's a thought experiment..."

Who'll high five you
after you puke.

How does he do it?

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