Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Setup.

my friend
set me up on a date
with myself.

She gave me
a gift card to Jamba Juice
and a gift card to Barnes & Noble
and made me promise
that I'd do it.

I looked forward to it
all day.

And as soon as work was done,
I untucked my shirt,
and went on my date.

I got the pomegranate flavored one,
because I do that.

I listened to
sad jazz music
in the car.

I looked at every book
at Barnes & Noble.

I thought about getting
a little booklet
of self-scoring personality tests,
a book about astronomy,
The Feminine Mystique,
a coffee table book
of all the covers
of National Geographic.

I bought
Man's Search for Meaning
by Viktor Frankl,
but not before
I lamented to myself
that book stores
have more tricks than books,
that the Fiction and Literature section
is more fiction than literature,
and is smaller than
the teen paranormal romance section.

But, anyway.

It was probably
the most successful setup
I've ever been on.

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