Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Friendliest Flower.

This is Davi.

She has a yellow face
with white petals
all around it.


that's a daisy.

But it ain't no coincidence
that Davi and Daisy
are just one little consonant apart.

They're both the friendliest flower.

Emily said last week
that Davi
listens with her heart.

And that's just right.

There's a physical power
that I feel some days,
in my heart
and in my limbs,
just knowing
that Davi is real,
that she lives,
she exists,
she loves me,
and will listen
with an ear
for finding the things
about me
that she loves.

She always cries
when she talks
about her dad.

I am so grateful
for her dad,
because he loves her
so much,
and without him,
I don't think
she would be
the Davi she is.

And I need Davi
the way Davi is.

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