Saturday, January 31, 2015


I don't really like
watching television.

I'm no saint
who sits around
reading great works of literature
all day, either.
Don't get the wrong idea.

But I do like
Parks & Recreation
quite a bit.

Last year,
there was a solid month
where all I did
was go to work,
go running,
and watch Parks & Rec.
I was very happy.

I finally decided
to catch up
on the new season.

And from the first instant,
it was pure joy!
Like catching up with friends
I haven't seen.

Hearing about
what's been going on with them
for the past 3 years--
their families,
their jobs.

I love them.


There was a moment
when I caught sight
of my own reflection
in my computer screen.

The moment you see do that,
the magic is broken,
and you realize
that you're actually alone
at your kitchen table.

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