Friday, January 30, 2015

Just the way you are.

I ended up watching
two full episodes
of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood
while trying to figure out
how to do
my stats homework.

I learned
how construction paper is made
and I watched a guy
play the saw like a cello,
and I heard how the first day of school
isn't as scary as you think.

It was compelling.
It was compelling
because it was soothing.

Like playing with
the grandpa I never had,
while he points out
things about the world
that I haven't learned yet.

Here's the thing.
He looks at you
and says,
"You're learning.
You're growing every day.
I care about your learning.
I do.
I'm one of the adults
in your life
who cares about your learning
because I like you
just the way you are."

We should all
say that to people.

We should all
sit across the table
from people
who value us,
who are happy to listen to us,
who don't act like we're weird
when we show
the broken parts of ourselves,
whose eyes sometimes get big
when we say something,
but only because
they're waiting to know more.

I'm just glad
he did that
and he put it on television
so all children
could hear it.

So I can keep hearing it
no matter how old
I get.

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