Monday, January 19, 2015

I think everybody should like everybody.

Last year
on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day,
I wrote a post about civil rights,
but I took it down.

It seemed too naive
or too optimistic.
It didn't feel right.

This year I keep thinking


But there are so many people
that I don't like.

I always joke
that I don't like anyone.

I hate it when strangers
talk to me.

I don't like the girl
in my class
because she talks too much.

I don't like that boy
because of the way he's dressed.

I don't like that boy
because I heard him
say something mean once
and I can't get over it.

I don't like that girl
because I don't understand
why everyone likes her
more than me.

Of all the people around me,
there are so few
that I really want
to get to know.

Now how can that be?

How can that be
when the Freedom Riders
got on those buses
and rode to Jackson
so we can all
sit next to each other?

How can that be
when thousands got together
and marched
and sang We Shall Overcome?

How can that be
when more than one man
has had his face stomped in
and his head blown through
to create a world
where people finally accept
that it's not okay
to hate each other
for stupid reasons?

All I want
is to love everyone.

But I hate people
for stupid reasons.

Any reason
is a stupid reason.
And every year
for the rest of my life,
we'll get the third Monday
in January off.

And in some corner
of this world,
police will be shooting
innocent people.

And people will be shooting
innocent police.

And people will spend
their day off
on a road trip
or going out to lunch
or just sitting around
doing the same old things.

And I'll have to sit there
with myself
and admit to myself
that even with all these years of living,
I'm still not as kind
as I'd like to be.


  1. This post may be a bit sad, but I think it is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your important and honest perspective!

  2. This is beautiful and I just love you.