Sunday, January 25, 2015

How could I not?

I was praying.
I told God
why I was mad.

When it came time to listen,
I remembered
that the most important
part of prayer
is not falling asleep.

So I got up from kneeling
and stood in front of
the bathroom mirror
and watched myself cry.

My nostrils flared
and my lips quivered
of their own volition.

I watched each tear
travel a different path
down my face,
like clips
on a Plinko board.

And I had
a conversation
with God.

Me: Why do I exist?

God: You exist
so you can experience
all the beautiful parts of life.

You exist
so you can help people
and bring them joy.

You exist
so you can create good things.

You exist
because I made you.
I made you,
and I want you to be like I am.

Me: Well, why did you make me?
Of all the infinite children
you made,
why me?

God: How could I not?
How could we not?

1 comment:

  1. Love it. How could He not!!!! The fine balance of the world would be off keel without you!