Friday, January 23, 2015

Everyone is Right.

I've never been interested
in politics.

That's not true.

I love the presidents
of the United States.
I love political history,
and learning about
how the pendulum
has swung back and forth
over the years
between conservative
and liberal.

But the part where
you pick a party
and make choices
about your values
and how you think
things should be done?

No thank you.
I always shied away
and said I was nonpartisan.

that's just because
I didn't think
I would ever have
enough information
to be able to say
what would be right
for everyone.

It's too big of a task,
so I politely declined.

When I started
my masters of public administration
last semester,
I was surprised by
how much politics
there was everywhere.


People making choices
is politics.
So everything is politics.

And I had to learn
about the issues,
and why people felt
one way or another.

But this is what I discovered.

Even if you had
all the information
you needed,
it wouldn't be easy
to choose
which way to go.

if your mind
is open at all,
you will soon learn
to some degree.

(This is a metaphor.)

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