Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ah, you look so cool.

"Ah," she cried, "you look so cool."

Their eyes met,
and they stared at each other,
alone in space.
With an effort
she glanced down at the table.

"You always look so cool,"
she repeated.

She had told him
that she loved him,
and Tom Buchanan saw.
I was thinking
about that way
that people look
at each other
when they're in love.

Sometimes modestly,
through a curtain of eyelashes,
like looking straight on
at him
might turn you
into gold.

one look says
I think
you're the most
in the world.
In high school,
I was immediately dazzled
when Daisy says
Ah, you look so cool.
You always look so cool.

She had told him
that she loved him,
and Tom Buchanan
had seen.

My classmates
didn't get it.

They thought
she had literally said
I love you, Jay.
That the narrative
had skipped ahead.
That Tom Buchanan
had actually seen.

You idiots,
I thought.
She didn't actually say it
because she just said it.
You don't tell someone
that they always look
so cool
for nothing.
And think of your horror
when you accidentally,
like Tom,
catch someone
looking at someone
like that.

You nearly murmur,
"I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to intrude."
But I was praying yesterday.
I was talking
out loud
and God was listening.

And when I was silent
for a moment,
clear into my head
came the words

It's good for someone
to look at someone
like that.

Frida Kahlo.


  1. YES. This is one of my favorite posts you've ever written.

  2. This was lovely. Oh I adore your blog!