Sunday, January 18, 2015

A post about being depressed.

"I just want to write posts
about how depressed I am,"
I said.
"But nobody wants to read that."

everyone wants to read that,"
Emily said.
So here goes.

I feel depressed.

Nearly everything
that has happened recently
has made me
feel hollow.

That's not to say
that good things haven't happened.


Every time
I feel happy,
I remember
that I'm sad.

I only have
enough emotional energy
to eat toast.

I definitely don't have enough
to put my clean clothes away.

One day,
I won't feel like this.

But for now
all I can pray is
O God,
if there is a God,
and if Thou art God,
wilt Thou
make Thyself known
unto me?

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