Tuesday, January 6, 2015

365 Bits of Something.

On January 3,
I decided
that I would try to
write a blog post
every day
of 2015.

I don't know why.
It's a crazy idea.

I've always thought
that putting constraints
on yourself
to produce content regularly
makes the quality of your content
go down.

And yet
I somehow want to produce
365 bits of something
that I'm proud of.

But I like to write these
because I like finding words
to describe things
that I feel
in a way
that is worth
the time it takes to read them.

I like describing things
that other people have felt
but haven't put words to,
so when they read them,
they smile to themselves
and say, "Yeah!"

I like writing about people
that I like,
so that when they read them,
they get a little embarrassed
in the way that feels good.

I like the words
on the screen,
but also
the white spaces
all around them.

So here's to 359 more
of these.

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