Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top 10 Never-Before-Seen iPhone Photos of 2014.

I thought it would be fun
do so something blogger-y
and count down
the top 10 iPhone pictures
of 2014.

That's right, folks.
These puppies
have never been seen
on Facebook or Instagram.

You're in for a treat.

I couldn't quite narrow it down
to just 10.

First, 16 honorable mentions.

Tan lines are a big deal for me.
Even when it's impossible
to find a good angle
from which to photograph them.

Discoveries close to home.

Reunion-with-Jess selfie.
She started dating her husband
later that very day.


2048 was an important part
of this year.

The day you walk in
to see 15 brand new iPads
is the best day of work.

Oh the things you find
in libraries.

One day I saw them
painting on the lines
to a newly paved parking lot.
I was intrigued.

Alyssa eating candy
under her desk.
Who know why?

Fourth of July selfie.

Doing my first assignment
for my Policy Theory class
at my desk
by this open window
was heaven.
Too bad that desk
soon became
too messy for me to sit at.

Pre-smoothie beauty.
RIP, blender.

My first time in the BYU library
in a year and a half
and look who I found?

American Gothic
out of sidewalk chalk.
Be still my heart.

I dressed up as Alyssa for Halloween.
The best part was
that nobody could tell.

I voted for the first time ever.
Trying to get a good selfie afterward
took longer than voting did.



Pumpkin chocolate chip waffles
for staff appreciation week.
Arguably a better day at work
than the iPad day.


Beautiful raspberries
at a farmers' market
in Los Angeles.


And I'm so glad.


Snaps from Andrew
of him and David
were insta-screen shotted.


Nothing like resting
at a clear beautiful spring
at the top of a meadow.


Fourth of July sky.


The worst picture of me
ever taken.
Post half-marathon,
soaking wet,
in the bathroom,
hating life.


I was with Genevieve and her dad
in his pick-up truck.
Being inside the truck
while this happened
was amazing.


Strawberries and cream.
What Pleasant Grove
and summers
and dreams are made of.


John Musik, Mr. UVSC, 1992-1993.
This picture has brought us
so much joy.

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