Thursday, December 18, 2014

The People.

Some years are "make new friends" years
and some years are "keep the old" years.

2014 was a "make new friends" year.

On the plane home yesterday,
I couldn't believe
how many people there are
that I love dearly
that I didn't know existed
last Christmas.

So on the plane,
I wrote one sentence
for every person
that I met this year
that I love
in some way.

If you're not sure
whether it's about you,
just assume
that is is.

  • Amy, for being good at talking and listening.
  • Andrea, for liking me immediately.
  • Betsy, for sitting in church next to me when I’m crabby.
  • Brittney, for giving Relief Society lessons that make you want to learn.
  • Brooke, for not talking to anyone with me at church activities.
  • Bryce, for being handsome not just because of his name, but because he gets a kick out of life.
  • Bryce, for knowing I won’t judge him when there’s a naked person on tv.
  • Caleb, for being the only boy who understands how to send out wedding announcements.
  • Camilla, for being more interesting than almost everyone else.
  • Carlo, for doing better than anyone could have asked and still wanting to improve.
  • Chelsea, for looking through eyes of faith.
  • Christopher, for treating me like we were better friends than I thought we were.
  • Claire, for bringing more joy into this world than maybe any other person.
  • Dan, for hating JFK and loving The Crucible.
  • Davi, for always turning up at the right moment.
  • Denver, for volunteering to take the group picture, even though we want him to be in it.
  • Derek, for wearing the greatest sweaters and putting up with me.
  • Elise, for loving bluegrass.
  • Ellie, for forgiving.
  • Emily, for being Juli Baker.
  • Emily, for being more thoughtful than any person should.
  • Emma, for being good to the ones she loves.
  • Geoff, for explaining things with rich depth.
  • Heather, for being the cool aunt.
  • Holly, for making everyone feel like what they said is really worthwhile.
  • Howie, for moving into an apartment because the guys there didn't have a video game console.
  • James, for making you feel worthwhile when he talks to you.
  • Jared, for making me feel like I belonged at his birthday party.
  • Jared, for visibly taking time to be friendly.
  • Joe, for offering to drive and to make tea.
  • Jonathan, for making the greatest scripture jokes.
  • Jonny, for caring about probably everyone.
  • Julio, for calling me “Boys Like Moyes.”
  • Junior, for smiling.
  • Kaitlin, for always remembering the kind thing to do.
  • Katie, for making going home mean something.
  • Kerriann, for being the easiest person in the world to welcome into your heart.
  • Kristen, for being able to love instantly.
  • Kristen, for saying “Rachel Moyes!” like just saying it gives her joy.
  • Kylie, for being the best person to take to a dance party.
  • Kylie, for starting sentences with “You guys!”
  • Lauren, for saying things that make sense.
  • Mariah, for cleaning the house with me at the end of the summer.
  • Marlena, for going to bed early and not apologizing for it.
  • McKenzie, for being vulnerable.
  • Mike, for being my friend, no questions asked.
  • Paloma, for working harder than I ever have at anything.
  • Robin, for saying, “I missed you today,” so I know she means it.
  • Sammi, for volunteering for everything.
  • Sammy, for leaving spaces and interactions more beautiful than she found them.
  • Sarah, for doing good in just a few months’ time.
  • Sarah, for treating every experience like she has something to gain from it.
  • Scott, for thinking all the same things sound fun as I do.
  • Shannon, for making everyone feel like they’re important to her.
  • Taila, for having a lot of love and giving it out.
  • Tatiana, for treating everyone like they’re interesting.
  • Taylor, for always having half a smirk on his face.
  • Tim, for being the pleasantest person in the world to run into unexpectedly.
  • Thad, for working at The Road Home.
  • Wes, for possibly thinking I’m funnier than I do.
  • Will, for not being mad when I ran into his scooter.
  • Zac, for swearing on the top of Mount Timpanogos.

(To be honest, I don't know some of these people.)

(If you didn't see your name on here,
I promise I still have a head full
of sentences about you.)

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