Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Lights.

I consider it

such a nice coincidence,
a pleasant irony,
a blessing,
a tender mercy,
a happy fact,

that even though winter
is cold
and sad
and I'm wishing
more than I expected
for summer long since past,

it is also the only season
that we get to have
Christmas lights.

How is it
that they make everything
softer and warmer?

They push away the darkness
but firmly
and give the room
a tint of magic.

The kind of magic
that makes laying in bed
in the morning,
waking up slowly,
take on a divine quality--
just being alive
with Christmas lights
is an experience
that makes you
a better human.

I know I'm not saying anything original,
but it feels authentic
in my heart.

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