Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Angels in Snow Boots.

On Monday,
I got off the bus
with a 37-pound suitcase.

I had flown into Utah that morning.

When I left Utah,
things were fine,
but when I came back,
the world was a snowy, slushy mess.

I had four blocks to go
with a 37-pound suitcase,
and even taking little baby steps,
I was sliding and struggling.

A nice couple in snow boots
saw me.
The husband said,
"Can we walk with you
to your house?
I'll carry your suitcase.
I used to be a bellman."

I let them help me.
We chatted.
The wife had been to Delaware
a few times.

Days later,
I keep thinking about it.
I can't stop.

I can't imagine
how long it would have taken me
to walk that four blocks
with that suitcase.

I would have been in tears
by the time I got home.

For some reason,
that little thing
made me feel grateful
in a way I never have before.
Whenever I think about it,
I have to stop,
because I don't know
how to express my gratitude.

I don't know who they are,
but they keep crossing my mind.
I think little prayers for them
whenever they do.
my being a hot mess
has only continued
since Monday.

Yesterday I took 3 wrong turns
in a single drive.

I got locked out of my house
and Brooke let me sleep at her house
and then Paloma came and saved me.

I'm so grateful,
I can't think about it.
I've been thinking about this year a lot.

It was so good.
It was so good
that I don't even remember
the bad parts.

The bad parts
are the good parts.

Last New Year's Eve was funny.
I remember what I wore,
of course,
who I was with,
what we did,
and how I felt about it.

It's harder to remember
who I was.

I hadn't learned
so many of the things
that I now hold dear.

I didn't love
so many of the people
and things
that I love now.

I hadn't seen
so many beautiful places.

There were so many songs
that weren't yet dear to me.

So many sunny mornings
I hadn't yet woken up to.

So many pains
I had never yet felt.

When I think about this year,
I feel grateful
like I did
for those angels in snow boots.

One of 2014's sunny mornings,
long before the world became
a slushy mess.

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