Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Puritan.

This is Katie.

And that's Jonathan.
They're going to get married.

Katie is my roommate.
She wasn't originally going to be,
but I think it was meant to be.

An example with explain everything.

One morning, I woke up at 7 am
and went down to the kitchen.
Katie was there.
She ate a cold leftover hamburger
and I ate ice cream out of the carton
and we talked.

But it's okay,
because with Katie,
it's always a judge-free zone.

And mornings and evenings
in the kitchen with Katie
are something to look forward to.
They make every day feel like
I have something really special planned.

She lets me try the health products
from her work--
even one called "intestinal cleanse."

And she dresses like a dementor
most days.

It's incredible how well she listens.
And how many nice things she says.

If she and Jonathan
can't find an apartment,
I'd be cool with that.
Then they could just move in with us
after they get married.

I'll miss her.

And I will also miss him
teasing me about boys
and sometimes having a Hitler mustache.

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