Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's You I Like.

Dear friend,

Today I asked God
what I should be
when I grow up,
and He said,
"Nice to people."

Which is pretty easy
when it's you
that I'm trying to be nice to.

There's this thing that happens
when I think about you.

It's like my heart burns
and then explodes.

Because look at you!
You sure are something.

I could list the things
that I like about you,
but it's simpler than that.

I just like you.
Whatever it is exactly
that makes you you,
I like that.

I love it, actually.

So sometimes I say to you,

"You just be you,"
"Do whatever you want.
You won't make a mistake,"
"You're really really trying,
and that's so admirable."

Because sometimes you tell me
what you're going to be
for Halloween.

Or you tell me about
how you're not sure
what to do about this boy.

And I just want you to know
that I love
whatever you're going to be
for Halloween.

And I love
whatever you're going to text back
to this boy.

Because you're you.
And when you make choices,
you're being even more you
and putting more of yourself
into this world.

And more of you being you
is exactly what this world needs.

And look.
Mr. Rogers wrote this song
that I wish I had written
about you.

If I could have written this song
about you,
I would have written it
the same way he did.

Because it really is you
that I like.
Not the things you wear.
The way you are right now.
The way down deep inside you.
Your skin. Your eyes. Your feelings.

I wish I told you that more often.

But sometimes when my heart explodes,
I'm not eloquent enough
to say all this.

And you can't always interrupt
a conversation about Halloween costumes
to tell someone
how much you value them
just being who they are.

Some days I will come up to you
and say,
"Here are four things
that I like about you
that I've been thinking about."

On all the other days,
just reread this letter.


1 comment:

  1. Rachel, I love this. Sometimes I try to explain why I like people and nothing will suffice. The words just aren't adequate. This sums it up nicely.