Thursday, November 13, 2014

Beautiful bits of life.

Arguably my favorite part of each day
is putting on thermals
and sweatpants
and socks
and slippers
and a sweatshirt
and getting down cozy in my bed
and going to sleep.

My second favorite part of each day
is waking up
all cozy
and letting myself
lie in bed
for a while.
Today, it snowed.
And that made me laugh a little crazy.
Looking up at snow as it falls
is literally magical
because it's perfectly still
and full of movement
all at once.
I just watched Taylor Swift's new video
for "Blank Space,"
and it also made me laugh
a little crazy.
But now I just want to watch it
over and over.
Sometimes I look at my text messages
and the last six people that I've texted
are all people
that I love so much
and that makes me smile.
Yesterday I went inside
a Tudor Revival style house
and now I think I'm obsessed
with half-timbering.

Yesterday there was also a Black Keys concert
that I secretly wanted to go to
but I knew that wasn't going to happen.

Even knowing that it happened
less than an hour away
is still beautiful.
My friends were teasing me today
for the number of browser tabs
that I keep open.

It was 38 at the time, I think.

And I told them
that I'd kept a tab open
for probably more than four months
because I liked this picture
and I didn't want to lose it:

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