Friday, October 10, 2014

Your dreams are coming true.

Sometimes I think,
None of my dreams
are coming true.

Then I realized
that I can sing alto.

When I was twelve or thirteen,
Emily Schroeder was 17 or 18.

I remember one time,
we were singing a hymn at church.
I feel like it was
Angels We Have Heard on High.

I listened to Emily
sing the alto line--
no music,
no book.

Just harmonies
out of her own head
with her own voice
like it was nothing.

And I thought,
How can she do that?
I wish I could do that.
The other day,
I was at church,
singing the alto line of a song,
no music,
no book.

And I realized,
I can sing alto.

And from there,
it was a short leap to
My dreams are coming true.
And nothing can stop that.

1 comment:

  1. I always loved sitting next to you in church and hearing you sing the alto line, because then I could muddle my way through it too! You are my Emily Schroeder.