Saturday, October 4, 2014

The National Parks.

Last year on October 4,
I went to the Rooftop Concert in Provo
to see The Lower Lights.

When we got there,
one of the openers was playing--
The National Parks.

I'm going to go there
and just say it.
You can judge me
for being cliche.

hearing them
changed my life.

They were the soundtrack
of the fall,
and summer
that followed.

My life became a quest
to hear them play
any time I could.

I told
everyone who would listen to me
to listen to them.

Their music
is full.
It's full of something
that your soul can relate to.
Something that feels familiar to it.

I can't tell you
how many times
my heart has beat wildly
while listening to them,
piqued by some sublime knowledge
that life is good
and it has good things
in store for me.

Happy anniversary, National Parks.
You've made me a very happy girl.

Take a listen.
(I especially recommend Bird's Eye,
The Meadow,
Wind & Anchor.
But you really can't go wrong.)

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