Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Lillywhite.

This is Kaitlin.

I moved in with her in January.
The first time we met,
she invited to come hang out
with her and her friends.

I didn't go.


Because of her,
I care about feminism.

Because of her,
I ran a half marathon.

I now know
that everything
always needs more mustard.
That Mexican food
could always be spicier.

She's the only person
on this planet
that I have a playlist on Spotify
named after.

She's always adventuring.
She loves all da babies.

She has spent time
becoming who she is.
And that person is a beautiful person.

The greatest, most loyal friend.
Someone who always tries
to improve herself.
Someone who has actually thought
about what kind of person
she wants to be,
instead of just letting
life happen around her.

She uses her voice
to say good things.
Happy birthday,

After 13.1 miles in a downpour.

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