Sunday, September 7, 2014


Starting grad school has been exciting.
I seriously enjoy my readings,
even though there are a lot of them.

I've started thinking about everything
in terms of economics--
like my choice of radio stations
when I drive in the car.
It's all about scarcity
and marginal utility
and marginal cost.

Sometimes while doing my homework,
I learn about things like
the Congressional Budget Office
and I get so excited
about the thought of working there
that I abandon my reading
to search jobs on the CBO website
and daydream about them.

My life is going somewhere.
Somewhere new
and maybe big.
I have dreams.
I know what kind of person
I want to become.


There is something that you always want.
And that something

Someone who will sit next to you
while you're both studying.

Someone who you can tell
about all the things you did today
and who will listen.

Someone whose plans
include you
every time.

Who makes decisions with you in mind.

Who wants to be kind to you.

Someone you do all of that for, too.

You can tell me
that I should be looking for more
in my life
than that.

You can tell me
not to wait for someone
to complete me.

I hear you.
I believe you.

But there's nothing wrong
with wanting that someone
more than you want your career
and more than you want your goals.

should have someone
like that.


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  1.!!!!! You are such a beautiful writer. . . and person :) Love ya!