Saturday, August 9, 2014


Today, I hiked
all the way
to the tippity top
of Mount Timpanogos.

View from the top. 

I've wanted to do that
for five years,
and I did.

There we were,
on the top of a mountain
taller than
all the other mountains
around it,

huddled with friends for warmth,
sharing snacks,
taking selfies,
while we waited for the sun to rise.

We watched it slowly light
the mountain faces
and the whole valley,
and then the hills burst to life
with wildflowers
and trees
that we couldn't see or imagine
during the 7 miles up
in the dark of night.

We saw mountain goats
and I crossed fields of rocks
and one million switchbacks.

Photo Cred: Mike Shaha

I have always felt like
Mount Timpanogos stands
as the queen of the valley,
and today I was queen of the mountain.

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