Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Good Life, Part 2.

2014 has taught me something.

It started on New Year's Day
when my cousin Becca had a baby.

We've added two babies to the family
and two husbands
and lost one grandma.

And I realized
that what's most important
is when families grow
or shrink.
When people make covenants.
When you're separated 
from people you love
and when you get reunited.
When things happen at temples.
Last weekend I went to LA
because Clark & Lizzie
were blessing their baby.

We are all different people
than we were two years ago
when we spent every day of summer together.

But we still love each other.
There's nothing like seeing your friend
holding her baby
and realizing you love her more
because there's more of her to love
because now she has a son.

I feel like something is missing now
because I don't have this baby
in my arms.

And today Jon & Jess got married.

The room was filled
with people that love them,
and I danced in the rain
at their wedding reception.

Mary was there with me
because she's back from her mission
and I was overjoyed.

There's nothing like seeing your friends
love each other
and realizing you love them more
because now they have each other.

This is the good life
and this is what matters.

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