Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sometimes, Part II.

Sometimes everyone on facebook
is travelling to other countries,
or getting married,
or getting engaged,
or posting pictures with a new
significant other,
or posting pictures of 
flowers/chocolates/promises you don't intend to keep
that their perfect boyfriend/husband got them,
or announcing that they're pregnant,
or giving birth to a super cute baby,
or landing a new job,
or starting school again,
or just moved somewhere new and exciting,
at the very least
is pouring a bucket of ice water
over their head
for reasons never fully explained.

Sometimes I am never doing any of those things.
Especially not that ice bucket business.

Sometimes I am moving into a new house,
and living by myself for a week,
and feeling like my car
is one of my best friends,
and making frequent trips to Rock Canyon Park,
and worrying about all the exciting directions
that my career could go,
and teaching myself microeconomics
on the side,
and working 9-hour days that start at 7:30 am,
and teaching a room full of boys how to tutor,
and getting free lunch at work
three days in a row,
and trying to remember what it's like
to do homework,
and sometimes feeling extremely lonely,
and sometimes feeling overjoyed
that there are people in my life
that I love.

Sometimes I just feel good
that I successfully used a staple gun
to attach this bunting
to this lemonade stand
at the Ericksons' wedding.

So good that I took a picture of it.

We're not so different after all,
are we?

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