Sunday, August 31, 2014

First Day of School.

Five years ago today
was my first day of college.

I didn't take the most direct route
to my classes
because I had been too proud
to go and find my classrooms
the weekend before
like everyone else had done.

I went to Physical Science,
which I would later
stop attending altogether
because I couldn't handle
waking up for an 8 am class.

I went to Book of Mormon,
which I would later
come to hate
because the girl in the front row
made too many comments.

I went to French Literature,
which I would later
learn was easier
than my AP French class.

Then I had an hour break
and I went home
because I lived 5 minutes away
and I didn't understand college.

I went back for Writing and Rhetoric
which I would later
write my final paper for
on the morning it was due.

For dinner that night
I had popcorn,
frozen vegetables,
and a kiwi.

I went to the ward ice cream social.
Rachel and I went on a run,
and I met the RB stairs for the first time.

Then some boys
started throwing crab apples
at our window,
so we went out and met them
and chatted with them
for the first
and only

And I had no idea
that five years later,
I'd be sitting at my desk
in front of my beautiful, perfect window,
in my wood-paneled bedroom,
a college graduate,
a member of the workforce,
a grad student,
writing this
and remembering this
and smiling back
at my little old self.

Not my first day,
but I remember how cool I felt
walking around campus
with dat gold bow in my hair.

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