Sunday, July 6, 2014

When Best Friends Marry Best Friends.

Jon and Jessica came into my life
at the same time, actually.

I remember meeting Jon
and running into him a few days later
at the Cougareat.
He was surprisingly friendly.

We went to the Islamic art exhibit together.
He because the guy friend
that every girl wants to have.

Jon and I have no pictures together,
so here's a picture of Joseph Stalin
standing in for me.

At first,
I didn't know Jessica well.
But I knew that she was friendly and strong.

When we got to be roommates,
we found out that
we were just what the other needed
for that summer.

We did everything together.
She wasn't even mad
when I broke her blender.

Jess and me when we went to the rodeo.

Then Jess went on a mission.
Jon and I didn't see each other much
and I didn't write Jess much
but we were all still friends.
No question about that.

When Jessica came home,
she and Jon started dating,
and I knew they would get married.

They're both goofy
and they're both serious.
They both love to have good chats
and they both have
an insane amount of love in their hearts
to give.

There's something about
when best friends
marry best friends.

I love him.
And I love her.
And I love them together.
And I love their love.
And they both love me separately.
And they both love me together.

It's a blessed thing.

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