Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Archbishop.

I got a car recently.

He's a boy.
His name is the Archbishop.

I didn't want to give him
a regular name,
like Floyd
or Byron.

I wanted it to be more of a title.
Something that started with the word the.

I considered many things.

The Colonel.
The Duke.
The Silver Bullet.

And then
the Archbishop
popped into my head.

It was so silly,
but I couldn't stop thinking about it.
And the more you think about something,
the more it seems natural.

So the Archbishop he is.

When I ride the bus to work,
I say that I left the Archbishop
at the the monastery.

Sometimes when he has a hard time
getting up hills,
I say,
"Come on, Archie!"

But that's rare,
and it's extremely informal
and I don't think he appreciates it.

The Archbishop has a rule:
everyone must take turns
sitting in the front seat.

His favorite cd is
The Lower Lights - A Hymn Revival.
He could listen to that
over and over
all day,
every day.
I went and saw Les Miserables
with a bunch of friends last weekend.

The part at the beginning
with Jean Valjean
and the bishop
is arguably the best scene.

And I thought to myself,
"I feel so good
that my car is an archbishop.
He's the kind of car
that gives away his best silver
to help somebody
become an honest man."

This isn't the Archbishop himself,
but it very well may be
his cousin, the Cardinal.

1 comment:

  1. K, the Lower Lights. All I would listen to on my mission. & still all I kind of want to listen to sometimes.
    Have you listened to volume II or the christmas CDs?
    the best.
    you can listen to them on spotify to your heart's desire!