Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Sometimes you make chicken tikka masala,
but it doesn't taste like Bombay House.

Sometimes you blend up Sprite
and fresh fruit
and it tastes better than

Sometimes you come home from work
and it's 90 degrees
inside your house.

Sometimes you watch Project Runway
on a huge television
with a huge American flag hanging behind it.

Sometimes you end up
taking a cat nap
at seven p.m.
every night.

Sometimes your bedroom is so messy
that it's really just a closet
and you actually sleep on the floor
in the empty room in the basement.

Sometimes no one understands
why you think it's fun
to sleep on the floor.

Sometimes you get a FaceTime call,
and when you answer it,
you're on the phone
with a six-week-old baby.

Sometimes you do your hair
like your roommate did
when she was 12.

Sometimes someone knocks on your door
and tries to sell you tamales,
but you don't buy any.

Sometimes you plan a facebook status
in your head
for days,
even weeks,
and when you post it,
it's just as good
as you thought it would be.

Sometimes you look at your syllabus
for your first class
in grad school,
and you literally can't even.

Sometimes you almost buy boots
because fall will come someday
and you're going to need them,
but then you can't make yourself do it.

Sometimes you swim all the way
across the reservoir
and back.

Sometimes you buy a 44 oz drink
even though you know
that's more than a liter
and you are going to get diabetes.

Sometimes you realize
you'd be unhappy
if you didn't get to be you.

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