Sunday, July 13, 2014

In Love with Small Town America.

How am I supposed to answer
when people ask me
where I'd like to end up living?

I've only lived in Delaware and Utah.
And they're both great.

But what about all the other places
I've never lived?
What about all the places
I've never even visited?

I realized how easy it was for me
to fall in love with a place.

Last weekend,
I went to Idaho for the first time.

I'd always prided myself
on never having been to Idaho.
(Just the way I pride myself
on never having seen Tangled.
I know it's stupid.
It's fine.)

But Rexburg stole my heart
right away.

The little straight streets
with trim green lawns,
the names of the apartment complexes,
like Viking Village,
the huge number of crows
hopping and squawking.

I think the sunset we watched
from the Rexburg temple grounds
had every color in it.

We even went to the dunes
and went swimming in a lake.

I loved it
and I loved how quickly I loved it.
My heart is just itching to visit
every town in America.

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