Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wedding Reception (Part II)

my only sister got married.

we had her reception.

I wish you could have seen my mother.
She floated through the church,
distilling directions,
every detail carried out
under her watchful eye,
creating a palace of tea cups
and baby's breath
and lace.

Before there was Pinterest,
there was my mother.

I wish you could have seen my father.
He left before any of us were awake
and he's not back yet.
He did everything,
including rigging up a whole lighting concept
and building a tent
and teaching me how to release
the emergency break
on his car.

He danced to "My Girl" with Katie
and the swing dancing
he's done with us in the living room
all these years
finally got its big debut.
I love being an adult--
I've said it before.

But today made me think.
Someday, I'll have a daughter.
And it will be her wedding.

And I hope I have the poise
and the love
that my parents have.

There's being an adult,
and then there's being an adult
like my parents are.

Luckily, I have 30 years
to work on it.

The cake topper from my parents' wedding
at my sister's wedding today.

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  1. Rachel,
    So, so happy for Katie! I can totally see your mom and dad hustling and bustling and making everything perfect. Congrats to mom, dad, Katie, and the family in general!!! And yes you'll have that wonderful moment in the future to do the same and it comes far to quickly. Just ask your mom and dad.