Sunday, June 29, 2014

True Story Girl.

This is Megan.

As you can tell from this picture alone,
she's basically an angel.

When I think about her,
there's a smile on my lips,
a kind word on
the tip of my tongue,
and a squeal in my throat
all fighting to get out
at once.

When I think about what I like about her,
words don't exactly come to mind,
just a lot of exclamation points.

Megan goes on adventures
to Uganda and Washington, D.C.

She wears chevrons
and the prettiest earrings.

She always introduces herself to people
and makes them her friends.

She loves cheesy chick flicks,
which looks so charming on her.

And maybe most of all,
she makes me feel
like one of the most special,
most interesting,
most worthwhile people around
because she wants to be my friend.

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