Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Sun Stood Still.

Yesterday was the summer solstice.
Also known as
the greatest day of the entire year.

I said it,
and I'm not taking it back.

As I was watching the sun rise,
I said to myself,
Sunrises are so glorious.
I wouldn't be surprised
if a feat like this only happened
once a year!
But we get it every day.

I went down the rabbit hole
of Wikipedia
to learn what a solstice really is.

I read about declination
and the celestial equator
and the celestial sphere.

I couldn't quite grasp it.

But I realized,
There is more sunlight today
in which to do things
than in any other day.
This is the best
God has to give us.

So I took my roommate to the airport
to go to Africa,
and went to the temple
and a baby shower.
I snoozed on the couch pleasantly.

Genevieve and I made flower crowns.

Isn't hers a masterpiece?

Erin and I went to Rita's
and I fell asleep reading Dandelion Wine,
the official novel of summertime.

This year, also,
I gathered seven different flowers
to see if I would dream of my future husband.

Last year I faked it
with some weed growing behind my apartment,
so this year I wanted to do it right.

And it worked.

I dreamt about not one,
but three boys.
One I like,
one I don't like,
and one that I haven't talked to
since high school.

So anything is possible.

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