Monday, June 16, 2014

The Person I Want to Be.

One day,
Alyssa and I started talking about
what we would dress like
if we were boys.

(I have a pretty specific answer
to that question,
even down to the color of pants
I would wear.)

But then I thought
I don't always dress to my ideal
as a woman.
What makes me think I would
if I were a man?

And then I thought about how
we're not always the people
we exactly want to be.

And I thought
if I could be anyone...

I'd be left handed.

I would wear high heels more often.

I'd try new things
without feeling hesitant beforehand.

I'd play tennis regularly
and occasionally enjoy
a round of golf.

I'd know how to whistle
and play the harmonica
and feel comfortable driving a manual.

And I'd have a radio voice.

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