Monday, June 2, 2014


This one day last week
was a weird day for my stomach.

I was famished
but everything made me feel
like I was going to puke.

Fast forward to sitting on a front lawn
under the Big Dipper
in the cool of evening,
where we learned about
edible plants
growing right there
in that very grass.

I took a little bud
and unwrapped the leaves around it,
and ate it.

It wasn't that it tasted good,
but I loved it.
I loved that I picked it
and ate it
and it came right from the very earth
without being asked.

Then we shared a coconut.
We drank right out of it with straws.
I only took a few sips
because the best part of the experience
wasn't drinking it,
but sitting there
with the taste of it still on my lips
thinking about how happy I was
that I'd drunk out of a coconut.

I helped scoop out the flesh
and then we ate it.
We passed around one bowl
with one spoon
and ate it.

It was the greatest feast
I can imagine.

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  1. If you wrote a book of poems I would totally buy it.