Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blog Ideas.

Sometimes I think of really crazy ideas
that would make for a good blog.

If you've got the initiative
to do one of these,
go for it.
I now present them
to the public domain.

1. Live in all 50 states
in alphabetical order.

You'd get to go from Alaska
straight to Arizona,
which might be a nice relief.

But you'd also have to go
straight from Hawaii
to Idaho...

2. For one year,
pick up everything you see
on the side of the road
marked free.

From here there are two options.

2a. Use the items to create
a large-scale found art sculpture.

2b. Sell the items on ebay
and live only on the proceeds
for the entire year.

3. Humans of In-N-Out.

Like Humans of New York,
but just for people
at In-N-Out.

I swear,
there's always the most interesting
collection of people
eating there,
and they deserve
to be highlighted.

1 comment:

  1. I agree with the Humans of In-N-Out. So eclectic, and at all times of day!