Saturday, May 31, 2014

What are men to rocks and mountains?

This week I climbed rocks,
and this week I climbed mountains.

And I cried both times.

For the past two years or more,
I've had an irrational fear
of rock climbing--

even though
back at Girls' Camp,
I was way into it.

I took harness selfies
before selfies were a thing.

(Because wearing a harness
is obvs the best part.)

But I went to the climbing gym this week,
and I did it.
I grabbed the grips
that looked like baby heads
and made it to the top.

And when I got down,
I teared up,
because there's nothing greater
than doing something you're scared of
and realizing that you actually like it.

Then I went on a hike,
and I adventured up
past where I normally would
to where I could see this.

I cried lots of tears
because I had never imagined
ever seeing anything that beautiful
in my life,
and there I was in it.

Genevieve and I sang hymns of nature,
because views that beautiful deserve
and prayers
and songs
and tears
to describe them.

Levels 40 & 41 achieved.

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