Saturday, May 24, 2014

The earth is really actually round.

Today, we slacklined
between two trees
at the edge of a big field
next to a church.

I'm sure you won't blame me
when I tell you
that I took off across the field,
and skipping
and jumping
and flailing my arms
and kicking the white things
off of dandelions.

Then I spun and spun,
watching the sunset
kaleidoscope around me,
in blues and purples and pinks,
dappled with clouds,
until finally 
I threw myself down on the ground
and laughed at the sky
that still seemed to be moving
back and forth
like the eyes
of someone speed reading.

When it stilled,
I noticed that the edges of the horizon
in every direction
curved around me--
a great circle
with my little body
at its center,
no matter where
in that green grass
I should choose to lie.

And I thought,
"The earth is really actually round.
I believed it before,
I guess,
but now I really, really know."

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