Monday, May 26, 2014

My Favorite Game.

Today was Claire's birthday.
She's a beautiful person,
so of course
we had a tea party in her front yard.

When we all naturally gathered
in a circle,
I started a round of my favorite game:
What's your favorite thing about
the birthday girl?

It's not really a game.
It's just people saying
nice things about you
on your birthday.

I love to hear
everyone's different answers.
The result is a mosaic
of what that person
means to everyone in her life.
The space you have in your heart
to love that person
gets crammed with
everyone else's love,
and so it gets a little bigger.

And with the sun
starting to think about setting,
the perfect temperature,
pleasant people
in the chairs next to me,
the crown of flowers
on Claire's head,
and a Louis Armstrong album
playing faintly from a record player
on the porch,
I can't picture a single moment nicer.

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