Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Happy Pig.

Today at Katie's birthday party,
I suggested that we go around
and tell our favorite memories of her.

I told a silly story
about her as a three-year-old.

But on my way home,
I started thinking.

What good memory
of my teenage years
doesn't have Katie in it?

Katie is
the first time I learned to sing alto
by sitting next to her in choir.

Katie is
the courage to actually dance
at dances.

Katie is
leaving intricately folded notes
in each other's lockers.

Katie is
mix cds.

Katie is
making her collages
because I loved her so much.

Katie is
watching Project Runway at her house.

Katie is
trying new recipes
that don't work out
because we substitute too many ingredients.

Katie is
making movies in her backyard
about trees named Landon.

Katie is
dancing crazy in her bedroom
while the rest of my classmates
are at Homecoming.

Katie is
a text message on my first day
of college
from her in Delaware.

ever and always,
Katie is singing camp songs,
wearing pioneer dresses,
playing Big Booty,
and being the most positive one
in every adventure.
Hiking for days
without one complaint
leaving her lips.
The one who makes you want
to be the you
that you want to be.

Katie is
The Happy Pig.

And without her,
I wouldn't have been
nearly as happy
as I was.

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